A Complete Guide to Patchwork and Quilting

Expert quilter Judi Kirk guides you through all aspects of patchwork and quilting. You’ll master straight and curved machine piecing, use of colour, walking foot and free motion quilting and how to professionally finish and bind your quilt. Guest tutors Sandie Lush and Nancy Adamek also share their expertise in hand quilting and English paper piecing.
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Tutor Name(s): Judi Kirk
Level: All Levels
Programme: On Demand Masterclasses
Duration: 11 hours

Whether you’re just starting out on your quilting journey, have made a few projects and are keen to learn more or are a devoted quilter eager to perfect your techniques, Judi Kirk’s Complete guide to patchwork and quilting: 30 years of techniques, tips and tricks is designed for you – allowing to reach your full quilting potential.

You can watch, pause, and re-watch as many times as you like as Judi expertly guides you through all aspects of patchwork and quilting. You will also get access to a regular live session with Judi where you can ask questions, show off your work and pick up extra tips and tricks.

In each session you will be fully guided by Judi with practical and easy to follow instructions to help you get to grips with even the most challenging areas of patchwork and quilting. She’ll inspire you to try new things in a positive and encouraging environment.

Judi will build on any existing knowledge you may have, supporting you as she guides you through each session helping you to master all of her techniques so you can quilt with confidence.

By purchasing this Masterclass, you will gain unlimited access to this On-Demand series, with opportunities to interact directly with Judi during one of our regular 'Meet the Tutor' live sessions. Once you have purchased the Masterclass, we will keep in touch so that you know when the next live tutor session is taking place. These live sessions will be free to attend for Masterclass purchasers.


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Session Overview
Session 1
Getting Started

Focus on your foundations in ‘Session 1: Getting Started’, to understand the value of the needles, thread and equipment you rely on as a quilt creator. Be guided by Judi as she provides a host of tips and tricks to enable you to stitch with confidence.

Key Learnings:
• Tips on buying a maintaining a sewing machine
• Setting up a machine – understanding thread tension
• Machine trouble shooting
• How to stitch an accurate ¼” seam
• Understanding needles, pins and thread
• Understanding different types of wadding and their uses

Materials: None.
Preparation: None.

Session 2
Accurate Piecing

In quilting, many pieces must come together to compose the final quilt. In this session you’ll get to grips with making quilt blocks, which form the basis of many quilts.

Key Learnings:
• Making half square units accurately
• Making quarter square units accurately
• Combining half and quarter square units
• Squaring up units for easy block construction
• Stitching partial seams

Materials: Scraps of fabric.
Preparation: Download the block patterns and cutting charts (download provided upon purchase).

Session 3
All About Colour

Unleash your creativity with a greater understanding of colour theory. Once you know the rules, you’ll also know how to break them to best effect! You’ll gain inspiration from others and be motivated to try new colour combinations in your designs.

Key Learnings:
• Understanding how a colour wheel is arranged
• Understanding value and its effect on quilt design
• Warm and cool colours
• Visual temperature
• Tints, tones and shades
• Understanding the terminology of classic colour combinations
• Seeing classic colour combinations used in quilts

Materials: None.
Preparation: None.

Session 4
Foundation Piecing

Realise the potential of your technical ability through this guided understanding of the different methods used in Foundation Piecing.

Key Learnings:
• The difference between FPP (Foundation Paper Piecing) and EPP (English Paper Piecing)
• How to measure and cut the pieces needed
• Use of specialist paper, or lightweight interfacing, or regular paper
• Different ways to foundation piece
• Matching points accurately

Materials: Specialist foundation paper and/or lightweight interfacing if needed, Regular white copy paper, fabric scraps.
Preparation: Download foundation piecing pattern (download provided upon purchase).

Session 5
Curved Piecing

Conquer the challenge of Curved Piecing. Judi will steer you through the Drunkards Path Block, sharing four different methods to enable you to piece curves.

Key Learnings:
• How to cut the pieces for the Drunkards Path block
• Awareness of specialist rulers
• Tips and tricks to make stitching curves easier
• Sewing curves using pins
• Sewing curves without pins
• Sewing curves using one pin
• Sewing curves using fabric glue
• Some suggested layouts

Materials: Fabric scraps.
Preparation: Download Drunkards Path Block (download provided upon purchase).

Session 6
English Paper Piecing

Be guided by guest tutor Nancy Adamek to develop your English Paper Piecing skills, through cutting, basting and stitching a variety of shapes to succeed in the creation of a small block.

Key Learnings:
• Cutting fabric for English Paper Piecing
• Fussy cutting
• Thread basting
• Glue basting
• Stitching diamond shapes
• Stitching kite shapes
• Stitching hexagon shapes

Materials: Fabric scraps, Small number of EPP papers.
Preparation: None.

Session 7
Hand Quilting

Join guest tutor Sandie Lush as she guides you through this introduction to Hand Quilting. One of the world’s leading experts in hand quilting, Sandie will share her passion for the subject, teaching you skills that can be applied to projects large and small. At the end of the session you’ll have completed your own hand quilted cushion.

Key Learnings:
• A guide to the best materials, waddings, threads and equipment to use
• How to prepare fabric for quilting
• How to hand quilt
• How to make the finished piece into a cushion

• 1 x 18” (45cm) square top fabric (cotton, calico (US muslin) or silk in a solid colour
• 1 x 18” (45cm) square polyester wadding (batting)
• 1 x 18” (45cm) square lawn for backing
• Quilting thread and needle
• 1 x 0.5m lightweight furnishing fabric for cushion back
• 14” quilting hoop
• Basting thread
• Scissors

Preparation: Download Introduction to Hand Quilting PDF (download provided upon purchase).

Session 8
Free Motion Quilting

Feel confident with Free Motion Quilting as Judi’s shares her tricks and tips on layering and basting a quilt, setting up a machine and stitching a variety of designs.

Key Learnings:
• Layering a quilt
• Quilt basting methods
• Marking a design
• Quilting density
• Setting up of the machine
• Stitching various all-over designs

Materials: Quilt top or practise fabric, Wadding, Backing fabric.
Preparation: None.

Session 9
Quilting with a Walking Foot

Judi is famed for her walking foot quilting. In this session she’ll share her knowledge, explaining the technical specifics of the process and reflecting on design ideas and use of shape.

Key Learnings:
• Resume of preparation
• Some tips and tricks specific to quilting with a walking foot
• Using expanded embroidery stitches
• Straight line design ideas
• Combining embroidery stitches with straight lines
• Quilting curves of various types
• Stitching circular and square spirals
• Echoing shapes

Materials: Small quilt sandwiches to practise with.
Preparation: None.

Session 10

Now that you’ve conquered the foundations and various techniques of quilting, Judi will teach you a variety of methods to complete your quilt, including edging techniques and hanging sleeve labels as well as best-practice for looking after your quilt (including documentation and general storage advice).

Key Learnings:
• Standard double fold binding
• Machine stitched binding
• Faux piped binding
• Adding a facing
• Adding a label
• Adding a hanging sleeve
• Photographing and documenting a quilt
• Quilt storage

Materials: Use your quilting practise pieces to bind, strips of fabric for binding.
Preparation: None.


Materials & Preparation


  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Rotary cutter
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Foundation piecing paper and/or lightweight interfacing
  • Regular white A4 paper
  • Small number of English Paper Piecing papers
  • 1 x 18” (45cm) square top fabric (cotton, calico (US muslin) or silk in a solid colour
  • 1 x 18” (45cm) square polyester wadding (batting)
  • 1 x 18” (45cm) square lawn for backing
  • Quilting thread and needle
  • 1 x 0.5m lightweight furnishing fabric for cushion back.
  • 14” quilting hoop
  • Basting thread
  • Scissors
  • Wadding
  • Backing fabric
  • Small quilt sandwiches (Judi will show you how to make these)


Once you have the materials, download the block patterns, cutting charts and foundation piecing pattern pdfs (download provided upon purchase). You do not need to do anything else to prepare ahead of each session.

Meet the Master: Judi Kirk

As a collector of quilts, Judi Kirk joined her first quilting group in 1993 and from there developed her skill and life-long passion for the craft. It was her love of quilting which led her to complete the Quilters’ Guild Judging Course and begin teaching at local patchwork and quilting groups. She is now a teacher with an international following, having delivered hundreds of workshops in the UK and USA and to quilters all over the world.

Judi has travelled extensively, building up networks of fellow quilters and sharing and comparing methods and techniques which she then integrates into her teaching. She continues to love to learn about the artistry of quilting, thriving in those “eureka” moments when she helps a quilter overcome an issue which has been holding them back. 

Judi enjoys all kinds of patchwork and quilting, with a particular love for the bold designs of modern quilts, as a member of the Modern section of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles and the US-based Modern Quilt Guild.

You can find out more about Judi at www.judikirk.com



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