Do What You Love Annual Pass Terms & Conditions

1. The Do What You Love Individual and Joint Passes grant entry to the following events only in 2024.

  a. London Art Fair, 17-21 January

  b. Move It, 15-17 March

  c. The Stitch Festival, 21-24 March

  d. BBC Gardeners’ World Fair Spring, 3-5 May

  e. BBC Good Food Show Summer, 13-16 June

  f. BBC Gardeners’ World Live, 13-16 June

  g. New Designers, 26 June-6 July

  h. The Festival of Quilts, 1-4 August

  i. BBC Good Food Festival, 16-18 August

  j. BBC Gardeners’ World Fair Autumn, 30 August – 1 September

  k. The Knitting and Stitching Show London, 10-13 October

  l. Country Living Christmas Fair London, 13-16 November

  m. The Knitting and Stitching Show Belfast, 7-10 November

  n. Country Living Christmas Fair Glasgow, 21-24 November

  o. The Knitting and Stitching Show Harrogate, 21-24 November

  p. BBC Good Food Show Winter, 21-24 November

  q. Country Living Christmas Fair Harrogate, dates TBC

 2. A physical card will be sent to the address of choice, this must be shown on arrival at any of the eligible events to gain admittance to that event.

3. If you require a replacement physical card, please request one using the contact details here, and a replacement will be sent to your address of choice.

4. The Do What You Love Individual Annual Pass grants one person entry to each eligible event at a time.

5. The Do What You Love Joint Annual Pass consists of two separate passes, these may be used by two people to gain entry together to each eligible event at a time, or may be used to gain entry to two separate events occurring simultaneously (such as The Knitting and Stitching Show Harrogate, and the Country Living Christmas Fair Glasgow).

6. The Annual Passes grant entry to one day only of each eligible event – the same Pass cannot be used to attend two or more days of a single event.

7. The Annual Passes grant standard entry to each eligible event and do not qualify for VIP or other tiers of access.

8. Workshops and additional paid content are sold separately and not included in the cost of the Annual Pass.

9. Should the organisers deem it necessary to change the dates of a specific event, you will be given notice of this.

10. Should any of the planned events in 2024 be cancelled for any reason, no partial or full refunds will be offered on the annual pass.

11. Terms and Conditions of individual events also apply. These can be viewed here

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