Soy Wax Inspirations

Susan Purney Mark explores Soy Wax as a resist for batik, silk screening, Itajime and Arashi Shibori, mark making and many other imaginative ways. The series includes lots of ideas on how to create print tables and charts, journals and explore soy wax in a variety of manners.
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Host Name(s): Susan Purney Mark
Level: All Levels
Programme: On Demand
Duration: 2.5 hours

Work along-side Susan Purney Mark as she produces a body of fabrics with soy wax, thickened dyes, pattern resists, shibori pole-wrapped and clamped resists, sun printing, and discharging with a soy wax resist. Explore soy wax on cotton as well as silk and other fabrics. Works with all cold dye products including Proceon MX, Ritz, fabric paints, and other non-heated dye processes.

Easy to use, clean and 100% eco-friendly, consider adding Soy Wax to your surface design and wearable art projects.

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Sessions Overview
Session 1: Getting Started
Session 1: Getting Started

Begin your Soy Wax journey with a complete review of both the dyes and the tools used when working with Soy Wax. While the course features cotton fabrics, the Proceon MX fibre reactive dyes are equally suitable for use on silk, hemp and other plant-based fibres. Susan will demonstrate how to heat your wax and reviews all of the features of soy wax for fabric dyeing. The session will then conclude with a wonderful review of how to make Dye Charts, Recipe Journals and portable print boards for working on.

Session 2: Layering with Colour and Wax
Session 2: Layering with Colour and Wax

Now we have reviewed the basics of working with soy wax, it’s time to have some fun and making marks with soy wax resist is the place to begin. Scrunch, knot, clamp, stitch your fabrics and poke them through plastic grids! Then dip, stamp or brush the soy wax on before or after applying your dyes. Each fabric is a wonderful exploration of colour and design. Soy Wax works with batik tools as well and Susan will demonstrate how to use traditional batik tools (tjantings) with soy wax in developing a colour grid.

Session 3: Clamped and Compression Resists/Working with Textile Paints
Session 3: Clamped and Compression Resists/Working with Textile Paints

Now that you feel more comfortable with your fibre reactive dyes and soy wax process, you’ll try a few more techniques, including creating Soy Wax Silk Screens and developing fabrics with Soy Wax. Using a brush you’ll develop a pattern on the silk screen and then apply some thickened Procion MX dye to the screen and pull it through, revealing a photo-negative pattern underneath. Following this you’ll move on to combining Soy Wax with other techniques such as Sun Printing with textile paints, Discharge and Soy Wax, and Dy-Na-Flow which further explore the many uses of Soy Wax in your surface design projects.

Session 4: Soy Wax and Beyond
Session 4: Soy Wax and Beyond

In the concluding session of the series we are joined by Contemporary Soy Wax Artists, including Christine Amstutz (painterly soy wax), Gil De Vloo (soy wax silk wearables), Daniel Gundlach (soy wax and natural indigo dyes) and Melanie Testa (soy wax on paper and journal projects). Susan will also provide some understanding in how she translates her fabrics into finished artworks as you move beyond soy wax into quilting and surface design projects.

Materials & Preparation

A comprehensive, in-depth Masterclass Pack is provided upon purchase to this course. Course members will also receive access to a quick chart prepared by Susan, and list of materials you will want to have on hand to enjoy Soy Wax Inspirations.

Please note these materials are not included with purchase of this class, the following materials will need to be bought separately.
Meet the Master: Susan Purney Mark

As a textile artist, Susan has embarked on a life transforming journey into the world of colour, design and pattern. Working with textiles has become her method of self expression and the focus of her methods of communication.
She has studied Design, Patchwork and Embroidery with the prestigious City & Guilds Institute of London, England and has studied with internationally acclaimed teachers. Susan has spent the last 20 years learning, experimenting and finally teaching a variety of surface design techniques in dyeing, painting, screen printing and image transfers. Most recently she has focused on mark making and textile narrative. Her work is known for its use of traditional methods with contemporary design and materials.

Find out more about Susan Purney Mark:

Facebook: Susan Purney Mark 
Instagram: @susanpurneymark 
Pinterest: Susan Purney Mark 

Galli Creative

Galli Creative produces educational workshops focused on textile, stitch, surface design and encaustic arts. Their teaching format is self-guided featuring some of the leading art instructors in the world. Most instructors are published with DVDs and books in print, and many have achieved the highest recognition in their field.

In addition to producing educational workshops, Galli Creative produces archival educational video for leading museums. Their documentary film work has taken them from Southeast Asia to Latin America to Europe with an emphasis on fashion, creativity, sustainability and restorative methods.



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